History of the Giori OrganizationThe Giori Standard

Developing a process which becomes an industry standard requires timing, vision, perseverance and long term strategy. Gualtiero Giori, a direct descendant from a long line of Italian security printers established in Milan since the 19th century, pioneered multi-colour intaglio printing by developing a revolutionary 6 colour intaglio printing press in 1947.

Following this success, Gualtiero Giori recognised the global need for high quality machines to produce secure banknotes. In 1952, Gualtiero Giori founded Organisation Giori in Switzerland to develop, supply and provide the technology and services for producing banknotes to central banks around the world, starting with Argentina.

Heralded as the father of the modern banknote printing machine, Gualtiero Giori transformed the fragmented and compartmentalized banknote printing industry almost singlehandedly. Under his leadership, commitment to excellence and special marketing talent, the Giori Organization became the first and only company to capture the lion’s share of the world market and create a system that has become and remained the industry standard. Today there is hardly a banknote in the world that has not been printed on a Giori machine.

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