The Roberto Giori CompanyContinuing the Legacy

Security remained a key focus as the company worked in close collaboration with INTERPOL and other law enforcement agencies to develop new technology in the constant fight to remain one step ahead of the counterfeiter. Under the strategic leadership of Roberto Giori as President, De La Rue Giori consolidated its position as market leader and became the industry standard with over 98% of all banknotes in the world produced on Giori equipment.

Roberto Giori set up his own company in 1995 to focus on the banknote of the future, a banknote for the digital age. This has led to the development of Giori Digital Money, an innovative concept which enables central banks to issue digital money as legal tender with all the securities and guarantees which this entails. Giori Digital Money has been designed to operate within a secure platform GSMT (the Global Standard for Money Technology) which Roberto Giori has been promoting to central banks and other key players around the world. Both platforms use existing mobile phone technology and infrastructures, and are designed to be interoperable with any existing payment service.

The platforms can be used by commercial banks, mobile network operators and other service providers to deliver a wide range of secure digital payment systems and to offer banking services to the underbanked or the unbanked, and above all reduce the costs of money payment or transfers worldwide.

Giori technology … keeping money secure in the digital age.

Creating Digital Money which…