About Roberto GioriLeadership & Results

The Giori company originally founded by Gualtiero Giori in 1952 became De La Rue Giori in 1965 after a joint venture with the De La Rue group to create the largest provider of security printing technology and services in the world.

A creative visionary in his own right, Roberto Giori played a decisive role for many years in the De La Rue Giori company creating new systems, providing solutions to complex problems, and constantly seeking more efficient ways to provide the best services in security printing to governments around the world. Roberto Giori became president of the company on his father’s demise.

Through a combination of Roberto Giori’s resourcefulness and dedication coupled with the advent of new technology and increasing market demand, the number of government run security printing plants rose from twenty to over sixty countries worldwide.

Under Roberto Giori’s leadership that translated to 90% of banknote production for two-thirds of the world’s population. During his fifteen year tenure in this position, Mr. Giori developed, and still maintains today, a network of key relationships with banks and governments that allowed the company to continue its exponential growth and expansion.

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