About Roberto GioriWelcome

I worked in the security printing industry for more than 35 years before setting up a new company in Switzerland, the Roberto Giori Company, to turn my attention to the banknote of the future. I have now spent the past few years developing a unique concept of digital currency which is legal tender.

Around 200 mobile payment systems have been developed in the past ten years. None of these is digital money issued by a central bank as legal tender. None of these systems can convert printed banknotes into digital money, or vice versa. Our platform has been designed to provide a global, international standard for reliable, secure operations, in one single system within a regulatory and supervisory framework.

Our platform is a standard which can be used by both mobile network operators and financial institutions to manage the flow of digital financial transactions more effectively anywhere in the world.

It is over 350 years since the first banknote in Europe was issued in Sweden. Since the 1950s, Giori technology has been making it possible to create security features in banknotes which help users identify genuine money and so prevent fraud. That is why almost every central bank in the world uses Giori technology.

My company, the Roberto Giori Company, has now developed the technology to ensure that a similar level of protection is possible for digital banknotes in the 21st century.

With the mobile phone technology and infrastructures available today, it is possible to create digital money which is extremely secure and reliable, at lower costs, while helping to protect the environment at the same time by reducing waste and pollution.

My goal is not to create a cashless society... ...but a society with less cash.